Are the recipients of DoD/DNI contracts a matter of public record?
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I'd like to learn the revenue a particular company receives from US Defense and Intelligence contracts. Is there a public record of contract awardees?
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InsideGov (free) and GovTribe (paid) are two sites that are commonly used for this purpose.

These sites will not necessarily be complete, however. In general, it is significantly easier to find information about the "prime" contractor on a program (the "lead" contractor that has responsibility for completion of a program) and substantial subcontracting relationships. You won't be able to find, for instance, sub-sub-subcontracting and/or overhead procurement relationships. For instance, Dell supplies a significant portion of the computing capability used for DoD contracts. However, because many of those computers are procured as an overhead expense (unrelated to any particular contract and more akin to a cost of doing business like the cost of rent), Dell will not show up as having significant DoD revenue, despite it indirectly receiving such revenue.
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You can search award notices on fedbizopps however some of the stuff you're interested in might be exempt from reporting requirements.
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DoD contracts (like all US Gov contracts) have pretty strict requirements for being publicly competed, and they publish a list daily. Non-Title 10 (Title 50 intel) agencies are exempt from certain sorts of reporting (on e.g. classified projects) but you can find broad details on the FBO site referenced above.
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