Retirement gift for dad?
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My father is retiring this week and I want to get him something special as congratulations (and thanks). Any ideas?
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What's he into? How old is he? Where does he live? Is he married? Is there someplace he's always wanted to go that you could send him on a trip to? What's your price range?
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Response by poster: I don't really have a price range. He's 61. He's still married to my mom. They live in Richmond VA. He's obsessed with golf but has other interests too.
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Inscribed golf clubs? Personalized caddy?
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A golf vacation to a place he's never been?
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...To St Andrews Old Course. (wait till it gets warmer and sunnier here)
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How about something like a nice, user-friendly digital camera so he can take up a new hobby in his spare time. Then when he and your mom do go traveling, they can take wonderful pictures to remember their trips by.
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What did he do for a living? You might think of something that commemorates his career. When my Dad retired as an engineer, I put together a photo album of his building projects.
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