history of can't beat it with a stick?
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What's the origin of the phrase "couldn't (can't) beat it with a stick"?
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Response by poster: My girlfriend and I were discussing this and couldn't come up with a possible story as it is used as a positive. My guess was that it had to do with cooking.
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I always assumed it was just a pun. "Can't be beat" means number one, but "beat" can also mean "physically assault" so it's just saying it REALLY can't be beat. Probably someone else here will come up with some more nifty historical goodness.
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It's combining two definitions for the word beat. You start with a phrase like "Our waffles can't be beat!", in which beat means to best or triumph over. Beat can also mean bludgeon, as in "beat with a stick." The two definitions are thus humorously combined--the waffles cannot be bested and cannot be beaten, even with a stick or the like.
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or what dagnyscott said.
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Which reminds me of the motto for Culver City Meats: "Nobody beats our meat!"
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As far as the origins of 'can't be beat', I wouldn't be surprised if it came from the 19th century credit rating industry. It's where we get other terms like 'first-rate,' 'good-for-nothing,' or 'a good egg.' These terms started as descriptions of an individual's credit and then semantic shift moved them into moral descriptions. For more on this, check out the excellent book Born Losers.
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It mmay have been derived from the practice of bear baiting.
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Yes, it's just a joke that has devolved into a ubiquitous phrase.
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