Is it a candle or ?
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From The Fallen Idol by Green. -He heard mrs Baines's voice like the voice in a nightmare when the small Price light has guttered in the saucer and the curtains move; it was sharp and shrill and full of malice, louder than people ought to speak,exposed.- What is "the small Price light" ? Can I see the picture of it ?
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I believe mizukko is referring to The Basement Room by Graham Greene, filmed as The Fallen Idol.

when the small Price light has guttered in the saucer and the curtains move

I suspect it refers to a candle made by Price's Candles.
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Most likely Price's Childs' Night Light, which was intended to be placed in a saucer of water.
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It would be a Price's Sentinel Night Light, placed in a saucer without water. They were supposed to burn all night. We'd get one on the bedside table if we were having bad dreams.

They're basically tea lights, but in a paper case.
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One other small thing to note is that the verb "guttered" is a candle-specific word. I'd never heard of a Price light, but I had imagined a small stubby candle before I read the comments.
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