What was that Mexican children's book?
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In the 1980s, on a family trip to Mexico, my parents bought me an illustrated children's book and now I'd like to track it down for my own children. I can't recall the title, however, and can only recall some of the images. I think it was about an Aztec boy going on some sort of quest, because I remember him traveling into the sun, through a rainbow, and also into a colony of bees. This last image, a big two page spread of golden honeycomb, sticks in my mind more than anything. I know this isn't a lot to go on, but does any of this sound familiar to anyone?
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Could it be Arrow to the Sun?
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Yes, Arrow to the Sun! It is a Caldecott Award Winner, and a favorite of mine as a child. We now read it to my daughter. Also, it would make a pretty sweet video game.
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Response by poster: Yes! That's it! Thank you both! I guess over the last 30+ years I got some of the details wrong, but that's definitely the book. Thanks again!
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