Glow stick alternatives
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Hey! I work in the dive industry, and we use these lights for our divers on a nightly basis. They work pretty well! But they require a special kind of battery, which is annoying, and occasionally they flood and corrode. We're looking for a replacement that uses standard AA batteries, or anything similar enough to a glow-stick that can be used every night without destroying the environment.

The ideal light is:

- rechargeable (or use rechargeable AA or AAA batteries)
- waterproof to 100'
- bright enough to be seen from 100' away (these are used as safety lights, not for navigation)
- durable
- affordable

Thanks, Mefi!
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It looks like that same company sells similar lights that take AA batteries. You could probably use rechargeable AA batteries.

With respect to the flooding, how often are you changing your o-rings? Do you use o-ring grease?
posted by gregr at 2:38 PM on May 10, 2017

I really loved my Princeton Tec flashlight back in the day. Looks like they make lights for what you're doing.
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UK-based channel swimmers generally seem to use these lights - they are very bright and use CR2032 batteries (google tells me it's possible to get rechargeable CR2032s)
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fyi, Lithium is a heavy metal. Home Depot accepts lithium batteries for recycling.
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