This Sunday. Brooklyn. Rain. Sadness.
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We were planning on picnicking in Prospect Park this Sunday to close out my bachelorette party. Rain has ruined our plans. What other alternatives are there?

Almost everyone attending is from Astoria or Brooklyn, so we're familiar with all the basics. There will probably be 5-8 of us at that point.

We considered shuffleboard at the Royal Palm, but they require a $20/hour/person open bar (and that's JUST for beer and wine!!!). While we could certainly just go to a bar and drink, I'd like something that's more of an activity and not terribly expensive. We also thought about climbing at Brooklyn Boulders, but we expect to be terribly hungover.

Going to Astoria is possible, too, but not ideal.

Any recommendations would be wonderful!
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Russian Bath House? (Can BYOB):
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Royal Palms only requires that if you want a reservation. It's a fun, spacious place for a large group to hang out if you just want to drink, and it's not out of the question that you'd get to play. Just put your name down when you arrive.

That said, I'd go to Melody Lanes.
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Drunken bowling at Melody Lanes in Sunset Park.
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I think one of the roller skating rinks at the LeFrak Center inside Prospect Park is covered... Plus, I wouldn't bank on it raining on Sunday - you could make a Plan B, but don't count out the picnic yet.
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We're (almost) counting out the picnic because unless the weather changes dramatically, it will probably at least be soggy ground. :(
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How about an Escape-the-Room type game? There are SO damn many around the city and are so fun to talk about afterwards over beer. Also, archery, or mini golf, or (weirdly) bubble ball?

Googling "Brooklyn activities for adults" can yield weird and fun things.
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Speaking of escape room things, there is one pretty much across the street from Barclays Center. I forget the name, but happened to walk by it the other night.
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If it's just wet, but not actively raining, Brooklyn Crab might work - they have cornhole and some other fun stuff to do, but the non-food stuff is mostly outdoors.
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