Drinks + live music in SF?
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What are some great venues/lounges/bars in San Francisco to hang back with a beer or cocktail and listen to some cozy live music? I lean more towards instrumental music and jazz than indie rock or folk. A bit overwhelmed with the selection, so I thought I'd ask here!
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Club Deluxe in the Upper Haight. Super chill, great bartenders, fabulous live jazz.
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Biscuits and Blues.
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Check out bluegrass night, tonight (and every Monday) at Amnesia on Valencia Street. The early (usually starts around 6:30), informal jam session is a lot of fun to listen to, and the vibe is super relaxed. Great beers too.
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Royale Cuckoo in Bernal Heights/La Lengua. My favorite - very cozy, very chill.

Oddjob and Local Edition have live music on select nights.
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You definitely want to visit Club Deluxe as guysan recommends, but I'm also a fan of Sheba Piano Lounge on Fillmore. Excellent Ethiopian food as a bonus.
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