More resources like Come As You Are, and more oriented toward men?
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I just read Emily Nagoski's book Come As You Are and loved it. Now I'm looking for more of the same: ways of understanding sex and sexuality that are rooted in the perspectives of therapists, sex educators, and researchers, and that would help correct all the misconceptions I've picked up over a lifetime. And especially things that cover male sexuality more. Popular presentations would be preferred, but I don't mind wading into academic work. Thanks!
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Meg-John Barker and Justin Hancock working together have a great podcast and a new book - Meg-John is a psychotherapist who has written extensively on queer sexuality and polyamory (see Rewriting the Rules and Queer: a Graphic History for more non-academic texts) and Justin is a sex educator who can also be found at Bish.
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Haven't read this book yet but it sounds good and seems to meet your criteria by correcting misconceptions: The Truth About Men and Sex by Abraham Morgentaler.
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Okay, thanks for the suggestions!
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