Wanted: body-positive fitness media
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On Dr's orders my wife is now exercising every day (and doing great at it!). She is after body-positive, feminist-leaning media to help encourage this new undertaking. What recommendations have you MeFites?

Other salient information:

- She already reads Self, Stumptuous, Greatist

- After magazines, websites, podcasts, anything!

- Based in UK so English language is preferable, but can read French and German.

- She exercises with a combination of treadmill, bike and free weights at the gym, hiking, and YouTube yoga videos at home.

- Very interested in practical advice such as different work outs, trackers, stretches. Also interested in 'reading around' the subject and people's experiences.

- Not interested in recipes

- Definitely not interested in 1000s of vapid pinterest photos of skeletal lycra clad models doing aerobics!

Thanks in advance!
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I like Yogajournal, r/fitness, r/yoga, and Healthy Enough. I also search for feminist, body-positive news sources, and while I know Reddit has an iffy reputation in general, I haven't found anything objectionable on those two subreddits. Jessamyn Stanley and Dana Falsetti are great champions of yoga at any size. Sorry this answer is so yoga-heavy.
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What about watching women play sport? Particularly if you pick contact sports like rugby, you'll see healthy women of a variety of shapes and sizes doing amazing things with their bodies.
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As an actualfax Indian person I tend to avoid most yoga blogs like the plague, but Jessamyn is good people. I also want to recommend Back on Pointe (backonpointe.tumblr.com).
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Jen Sinkler is great for intelligent, scientific, body positive fitness - her angle is on the development of physical strength, and says the muscle tone you gain in the process is just "a nice perk."
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I like Blogilates for short but intense Pilates-style workouts. She's relentlessly chipper which won't work for everyone, but it keeps me motivated in small doses and is very body positive.
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For perspectives on people's experiences with fitness, I like Fit is a feminist issue.
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Not a reading suggestion but do you have a local roller derby team? Its a very inclusive, body-positive sport. I've been skating for 3.5 years now and its the only fitness related activity that I've managed to sustain for longer than a few months. She'll also be surrounded by other fitness-minded females to encourage her.
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Best answer: Girls Gone Strong
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Best answer: she might like the series "Ask a Swole Woman" from the Hairpin!
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Best answer: I would actually avoid /r/fitness in favor of /r/trollxfitness and /r/xxfitness (I just cannot tolerate men in my fitness related spaces. too much patriarchy shit that complicates my body feels. Y(wife's)MMV on this). All of Reddit is a minefield, though. While I find both of those communities less shitty and triggering than average, there's still some filtering that needs to happen.

For YouTube Videos, I find both Fitness Blender and Yoga With Adrienne to be nice and neutral relative to most fitness media. They aren't explicitly feminist, but both emphasize accepting where you're at, seeking to improve strength and flexibility rather than pounds on the scale, and always offer modifications, encouragement and non-bullshit discussion of how bodies work. No supplements, no yelling, no diet crap.

Someone already mentioned Jessamyn Stanley. In the same body diversity yoga vein, Body Positive Yoga is a good channel.
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