Relocate Deadbolt on External Door Without Leaving Hole?
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Is it possible to move a deadbolt on an external door without leaving a giant hole in the door?

I got a new programable lock that is higher on the top than my old door hardware. The deadbolt is about 1/2" too low for the new lock to fit. Is it possible to move the deadbolt up without leaving a gapping hole, or do I need to find a different lock or a different door?
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Possibly I'm misunderstanding your problem, but wouldn't it be easier to drill a new hole for the bolt into the door frame rather than move the lock?
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Response by poster: I think I may have done a poor job of explaining the problem. The door has a deadbolt and a knob lock. I'm trying to replace the knob lock, but the top of the hardware (which includes a keypad) is higher than the old knob and hits the bottom of the deadbolt as it's currently positioned.
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In most cases the door is replaced if you find it necessary to change the spacing between the bore holes for the lock and deadbolt. If you don't want to go the the expense of replacing the door, the easiest, albeit ugly, solution is to move the deadbolt to a new location and cover the old hole with a hole cover plate. A somewhat nicer solution is to use a door repair cover (this also permits the new hole for the deadbolt to partially overlap the old hole).
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What if you switched the locations, move the deadbolt to the lower hole and install your new knob w/ electronic lock in the upper hole?
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Jamaro's suggestion might work. We have a keypad doorknob too but we didn't remove the old deadbolt, we just don't use it. So it's not weird to keep that hardware even if it's not being used.
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jamaro's solution is what we did.

It's possible to remove the lock, fill the hole with solid wood and then redrill both the door and the jamb for the new lock location. This works well if you have a painted wood door but is a really obvious looking repair on a stain grade door and is pretty well hideous looking on a steel door where you'd have to overlay a mending plate for best results.
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Upgrade the mending plate with a wrap around mortise cover. Lots of styles for all doors and improves security also.
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