Books or other media about sex after trauma
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Does anyone know of any books that address developing a healthy sexuality after being raped or otherwise sexual assaulted as an adult (as opposed to child sexual abuse)?

I recently read Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski and found it to be hugely helpful. Now, I'm looking for books that deal a bit more specifically with sex after sexual trauma. Most of the books I've found in this genre seem pretty targeted towards survivors of child sexual abuse, rather than rape as an adult. It would be great if anyone knew of something more general.
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Healing Sex is written for survivors of both childhood and adulthood sexual trauma. The book is queer and kink sex-positive.
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Shoot, I came to recommend Come As You Are! Have you tried reaching out to her through her blog? I think she's read every sex book there is and I know she's responsive on social media.
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I'm very slowly reading through The Sexual Healing Journey, which has been hard and worthwhile to read. The Body Keeps Score is recommended over and over here and elsewhere but I haven't been able to bring myself to read/listen to it yet as it's intense going.
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"Nice girls do" is not specifically about trauma. It is about overcoming the zillions of sex negative messages we are inundated with from birth.

You might also get something out of some of the books by Helen Gurley Brown or even from reading old copies of Cosmopolitan from the era in which she was the chief editor of the magazine. She was writing sex positive stuff back when women were supposed to be virgins on the wedding night, le gasp!
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I recently attended a session on this very topic that was hosted by a local therapist. She brought a stack of books and I'll list what I can below (I took a picture of the stack and can't make out all the titles). I haven't read any of these yet and I can't vouch for them personally--but she was clearly super knowledgable about the topic and her session was really helpful. Here's the list:

-The Sexual Alarm System, Judith Leavitt
-A Woman's Guide to Overcoming Sexual Fear and Pain, Aurelie Jones Goodwin & Marc E. Agronin
-Trauma and Recovery, Judith Herman
-The Body Keeps the Score, Bessel Van Der Kolk (I have read this one and it's very good, although it's about trauma generally and doesn't speak specifically to your concerns in any detailed way.)
-The Sexual Healing Journey, Wendy Maltz
-Healing Sex, Staci Haines
-Finding and Revealing Your Sexual Self, Libby Bennett & Ginger Holczer
-Coming Home to Passion, Ruth Cohn
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