Mefites of Phoenix, help me get my groove on!
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I'm looking for somewhere that I can take a Zumba class (or similar dance-based excercise class) relatively regularly. I'd rather NOT join a scammy gym that's going to be impossible to cancel down the road. Does anyone know of any Zumba or Zumba-like classes that are offered on a drop-in basis? Or, barring that, a safe, non-scammy gym that has classes? In Phoenix AZ, closer to downtown/midtown on the west side would be ideal. Thanks!
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My local YMCA has several classes like that. I think on your side of the river it's YWCAs, and they are likely set up in a similar way. Never any hassle to cancel, and there are lots of other amenities as well.
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Videos can be a great alternative option.
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Response by poster: Sadly, the Y's class schedule doesn't work with mine.

I'd also love YouTube video recommendations! Anything dance-centric with a strong beat and good, clear instruction.
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I belong to the gym of the local branch of my state university. Not scammy. Classes like the ines you describe are at lunchtime and in the late afternoon/evening. Parking is fifty cents if I arrive at 3 or later, and use a meter earlier in the day. Showing up five minutes early for class means there is room, as some classes are popular in the spring and fall. Look under recreational offerings in athletics.

Parks & recreation may be an option if you have a set time for a few classes.
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