What are some blogs, twitter feeds, etc that lampoon literary fiction?
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Yes, I'm aware of @GuyInYourMFA. (It's great!) Emphasis on the word lampoon–I'm looking for media that is blatantly taking the piss out of this genre, not subtly taking a tittering dig at it. Bonus points if you know of something that specifically scrutinizes the ridiculously lofty novel titles that litter the literary landscape.
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There are a couple of useful tags from the (ended, but still online) Toast:
Every (x) Novel Ever
How to tell if you are in a (y) Novel/Movie

Not specifically modern literary fiction, but lots of different styles.
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I don't have specific links, but I bet you'd find something poking around McSweeneys Internet Tendency: https://www.mcsweeneys.net/ .
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How about the Neu Jorker, the end-to-end, hilarious parody of the New Yorker magazine?
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