Weekend yoga retreat?
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I am looking for a weekend yoga retreat for beginner to intermediate levels.

I finally got around to doing vinyasa flow yoga 3x a week and have been doing so for about three months. I like it! I really like this style of yoga in particular - I like its balance of movement, breath and just enough work to feel good and like I did decent work. I love how I feel after.

Work has been insane and I'm interested in going on a weekend retreat if such thing exists (things I'm finding online are week long. That's a bit much). I live in Boston which is easy access to most U.S. Flights, so I'm open to location. I'm also open to anything on the Cape (as in Cod) Nantucket, The Vineyard, or in Massachusetts, although I would have to rent a car since I'm carless and live in the city. I would probably be more inclined to fly somewhere before renting a car. Cost is pretty open too since I have no clue how much these things cost and am flexible.

Ideally, I'd like something like a Friday, Saturday, Sunday retreat and something open to beginners/intermediate level. Bonus if there are other activities included like mindful meditation or even cooking. I've made a ton of progress already, just no crazy inversions. I'm really liking the idea of getting away from it all for a weekend and finding a little slice of relaxation.
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Have you checked out the Kripalu Center?
It's in Massachusetts, and wouldn't be a far drive from Boston.
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I haven't been, but when I lived in MA I had several friends who went to Kripalu and they loved it.
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Yes, Kripalu's where it's at. I've been three times, and it's very restorative.
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Thanks so far! I was just looking at Kripalu. Aren't they super serious yoga people? I just worry that being an intermediate/beginner I'm not advanced enough.
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More options if you can wait until June:
If you really want to treat yourself, Esalen in beautiful Big Sur, California is the dream.
Wanderlust is a touring yoga festival, and runs in different locations through the summer. I have a friend who goes to the Vermont (Stratton) one and loves it.
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Kripalu is glorious and the classes are all levels. I am so-so at yoga, which is to say I can't do crow or headstands or any other fancy poses, and it was still great for me. And besides yoga, they have a bunch of other activities like hiking, kayaking, writing, etc. Plus the grounds are beautiful and there's a spa and the food is really tasty. And not just like, quinoa and sticks. I mean, I got tons of brownies and cake while I was there :) I cannot recommend Kripalu enough.
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Kripalu is wonderful -- low-key atmosphere, beautiful setting, healthy + appealing meals. By the time I'd wrapped up a three-day retreat there, I felt like I'd been unplugged from the world for a week.

And there's room for people at all levels of familiarity with yoga -- from absolute noobs on up. (I'd classify myself as "rusty advanced beginner," and I enjoyed my classes a lot and didn't feel intimidated.)
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As the consensus indicates, Kripalu is amazing, one of my favorite places on earth, and welcoming of all levels.
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You will be absolutely fine at Kripalu. I wouldn't sign up for a big program with a famous teacher at your level, but anything marked "all levels" or just going for the R&R program and doing their open classes will be right at your speed.
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I can vouch for Lauren Padula's teaching style and retreats. She's doing a "Vinyasa and Vino" series this year at a winery in WA - super casual, all levels and is guaranteed to be a bitchin' good time... All inclusive and super reasonable with workshops, food, wine, local activities and her awesome classes. She actually went to school in Boston and you may already know people in common through your current practice. I know she had 2 last minute cancellations for a mid-May retreat, just sayin'!
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