Help me identify this smartphone game!
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Was waiting for my coffee and the dude next to me was playing this awesome looking game on his iphone. It had a white background and simple (but...cute?) line drawing of a city (which he was scrolling through/exploring), and small figures in boxes along the bottom (I presume some sort of select a character function)...

He had headphones on and left quickly, before I could ask. Hope me?
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Best answer: Hidden Folks?
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Response by poster: OMG. Yes. Thank you! Metafilter FTW - totally made my day!

(If anyone has any recommendations to similar games, please feel free to post!)
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Little Things Forever is another excellent 'finding things' game. It's in a different style, but pushes many of the same buttons.

There are also dozens (hundreds?) of games in the 'hidden object games' genre, which have a similar logic, although the style isn't generally the same as Hidden Folks. Big Fish Games publish a lot of them.

Another series of games that have a finding-things element, and have a hand-drawn feel, are Mateusz Skutnik's Submachine games. They're more about solving puzzles, though. But Mateusz has also made the '10 Gnomes' series, which have more of a pure searching mechanic.
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I just (mostly) finished Hidden Folks! I'm not usually a "find the thing" person but I really liked this. Caveat: I have it on my ipad and still have a hard time with some of the really tiny items; it's mostly unplayable for me on my phone. (The row of boxes on the bottom are the things you need to find.) What you may not have noticed is that the game has delightful sound effects. It's about the only game I keep the SFX on.
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