How do I stream this audio on my iPhone?
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I'm want to be able to stream the radio shows on on my iPhone. They're apparently some sort of old file format that works fine on desktop browsers, but they're a bit wonky on the iPhone. Is there an app that'd make them easier to stream? Is there a way to trick Safari into streaming them?
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Can you be a little more specific about problems you're having? I've tried five different shows on my iPhone (6) just by clicking the "Partial Show" link, and they all successfully make sound (and the link to all of them are standard mp3s). I'm not seeing anything about an old file format. Also, there seems to be an iTunes podcast feed available as well.
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Best answer: Have you read the text on this page?
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Best answer: I would recommend Huffduffer. Create an account, then copy and paste the MP3 links to turn them into 'huffduffed' links. You can then use any decent podcast app to subscribe to the RSS feed for your Huffduffer account. I use Overcast.

I use this all the time for weird little bits of internet audio I want to listen to, it's pretty great. I think it was actually mathowie who recommended it on a Mefi podcast.
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Had no trouble playing any shows on my iPhone 5SE. Like General Malaise, I clicked on the date and then clicked on Partial Show. I am not sure why they chose that phrase (partial show) when it appears that it is the same length. I also don't know why they decided that clicking a volume icon is the way to change between VBR 32 kHz Stereo and 32 Kbps 22.050 kHz Mono.
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Response by poster: I think the problem I was having was that it was just taking too long (and then timing out) when I tried to load entire shows over my cell connection. Hufduffer is a great solution -- I'd completely forgotten about that service.

Thanks everyone -- I appreciate it.
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