Bar near Angelika Theater NYC for drinks at 10pm tonight?
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We have about 15 people, and bars around there are usually packed. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
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Pegu Club is across Houston, and Milano's a few blocks east; both are quite good, yet you'll need tremendous luck to find any bar that can gracefully accommodate a party of fifteen on a Saturday evening.
A little farther east, try the Paulaner pub on The Bowery, or Lorelei on Rivington. Both have large spaces that might squeeze your party in.
You might see if a nearby restaurant has a private room that will offer bar-only service, and has a last-minute cancellation for tonight. I don't know of any that fit this bill, though.
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I like Botanica Bar on Hudson between Mulberry and Mott. Hard to know if it will have space - I've seen it have plenty of room that time of night and I've seen it packed. It does have two pretty large rooms, though, which helps.
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Was about to recommend Bar Botanica as well. Definitely worth a shot, it's only a couple blocks away
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Fat Cat is a huge but intimate-feeling jazz venue on Christopher Street with pool tables and other games. It's unique and a lot of fun. I believe they are beer and wine only. There should definitely be room there.
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Sorry, Bar Botanica is on Houston, not Hudson. Not sure where that came from! Like STFUDonnie says, it's close to the Angelika.
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Thanks all! We ended up going to GTF but have saved ALL of these as future plans.. appreciate you all!
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I was coming in to mention Pegu, though on a Saturday, it can be quite crowded, and I also think the place is over the hill, sadly (in terms of the quality of the drinks).
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