How to put a lot of images in a Word doc and not have it look wonky?
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I need to insert pictures of clock faces with different times on them (7AM, 7:15, 7:45, etc.), along with a picture of that time's activity (eat breakfast, brush teeth, get on school bus). I am finding this difficult to do in Word, and I'm pretty sure I need to submit this in Word. Any suggestions?

This is for a class project in which I am making a schedule of activities for a child. I need to upload it to Blackboard so I think Word is my only option.

I have downloaded an image of a clock at 7AM and another at 7:15, but they are enormous and not from the same image family. I've downloaded clip art of breakfast and brushing teeth, but it's hard to place these images in a coherent way and make them line up, make them all the same size, etc, and I'll need to do for about 20 activities.

is there a better way?
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You can resize them in an image program before inserting them into word. Depending on your image program, you may be able to automate that process, but for 20 pictures, it'll only be a little onerous to do it manually.

For formatting, I would create a two-column table over the entire document, or this section of the document, and insert all the pics into the left column, descriptions on the right. If you want a gap between the two, make it 3 columns and use the sizing on the middle column to set the gap. Set the table properties so the borders are not visible.
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Can you download a clip art of a blank clock face? (Or draw a circle in PowerPoint and a dot). Then put the clock face in PowerPoint, add the lines in PowerPoint with a clock face on each slide. Then save as .jpg (it will give you an option to save each slide as an image). Then you can insert those images into word.

Tables with blank borders can help you organize images in Word.
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There are a bunch of clock emoji but I think they only go by the half-hour.
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I would make my own clocks like typecloud suggests by drawing the clocks in Paint or Gimp or whatever you're comfortable with. Or downloading a clear clock face, whiting out the clock hands, and making new images with the hands you need.

For text in Word to put it where you want it, use the Insert --> Text Box option. You can then click-and-drag the text like it's an image. I would not make a columned format, I would treat the images and text like discrete units.

Maybe double-check that you have to do it in a .doc format? Because the answer to your woes is either MS Publisher or Google Drive "drawings."
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You should be able to drag the image into Word and resize it using the box that surrounds the image when it is selected. Then, select Format Picture, Position, and then select Wrap Text and the option "in front of text." If you do this for each picture and text box, you will be able to arrange everything by dragging and dropping and it won't reformat constantly as it tries to fit picture in line.
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Oh and a trick for making things the same size: With the image selected, under that same Format Picture area you'll see a height and width displayed for the image. You can manually adjust those on each photo you put in to maintain a consistent or comparable size.
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Seconding what LKWorking said about using Word to do resizing. If you resize by dragging the corners of the image, you should be able keep the aspect ratio, so you don't turn the clocks into weird ovals. As mentioned above, you can use tables if you want the text to align.
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You can also set each image to absolute positioning - this will mean that editing text around it won't mess up the alignment.
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There's emojis of clocks, too:
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If you're not super savvy with Word you can also drop images into a table so that you won't have as many issues flowing text around images.
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If you are familiar with in design, I think it would be the easiest. Just place everything where you need it in the document, save and package it, then upload it. you can save in a variety of formats.
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Pixabay has vector images of clocks you could use as templates - pick one, create new hands as needed. And all Pixabay's graphics are public-domain; no payment or credit needed.

This one is very basic; would be easy to remove the hands and replace with ones in the positions you need. This one is fancier, if you want something a bit more eye-catching, but would need tweaking to remove the hands. This blue one has no numbers, but the hands are separate pieces and would be easy to move around.

Putting them in a table in Word is probably the easiest way to keep them from sliding around, especially if the text or other picture next to them isn't always going to be the same size.
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Clock face generator. I've used this for a worksheet before.
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You can upload pdfs to blackboard (I do all the time for my classs), unless the instructor has explicitly said they expect your submission in word. You can always email them and ask!
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$2.50 on Teachers Pay Teachers gets you clipart ready to insert into Word, PowerPoint, etc.
Not affiliated with the site, but I've heard good things.
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Thanks everyone. Tables and the clock generator were the fastest solution.
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