Attractive, well-crafted mobile computer desks?
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Looking for a small, rolling computer desk that I could stand to live with and look at every day. Hive mind, can you help me find it? Snowflakes inside.

Hello Metafilter, perhaps you can help me with my first world problem.

I'm working from home with increasing frequency, and my wrists have been telling me I need to up my game, ergonomically. I got a wireless split keyboard to work with my laptop, which is a big improvement, and now I need something like a small computer desk with a laptop tray to keep it all together.

Through Google and Amazon I find things a lot like this. This appears to hit all the functional requirements, and is certainly inexpensive enough.... but man, the options appear to all be really cheap looking and fugly, or else aiming for the black-metal-and-glass Matrix aesthetic, which is so not my style.

I need to help my wrists, but don't think I want to live with that furniture in my living room. Can the hive mind help? What I'm looking for is:
* a small computer desk/cart with separate keyboard tray (so not a laptop cart/stand). 24" wide by 16 or 17" deep would be great.
* for seated use, not standing
* mobile/rolling is nice but not absolutely critical
* made of actual, warm-toned wood or veneers, or failing that, is really nice looking fake wood

I looked on Etsy and didn't find anything pre-made that fit the bill there, though as a last resort I'd work with a craftsperson to make the right furniture. Before going there, maybe you all know where I can find the right little computer desk for me? Thanks.
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Response by poster: D'oh, keyboard tray!
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Response by poster: Up to a few hundred bucks?
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It could be worth asking at Barn Furniture. I have some bookcases from them that I like, and I think they usually build stuff as it's ordered.
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