Askme Hopstop - Medford to Boston edition
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So my daughter and I have been gifted a place to stay in Medford, MA, this weekend and we have a super tight schedule. We will be on Frederick Ave in Medford and need to know the fastest way to get to the Museum of Science. There is apparently no Hopstop for Boston, so I'm hoping that one of you amazing nerds can help out some other nerds to get there.
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I mean, the fastest way is going to be via Uber or Lyft. If you're trying to maximize speed while minimizing cost, you should take the 80 bus from College Ave @ Boston Ave and get off the bus at Lechmere. The MoS is less than 10 minutes away on foot.

Also the MBTA's Transit App is actually quite good for planning public transport trips.
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Fastest is probably Uber or Lyft. If you want to do public transit, Google maps is the best way to find your options.
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Google maps says the 80 bus runs from near you to Lechmere which is a short walk away.

For two of you, that may work out about the same an Uber or Lyft pool, so I'd just go with that (much as I love transit).
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Lyft or Uber
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While hailing a driver via app is the way to go for this trip, I cannot in good conscience recommend Uber.

Instead, I suggest safr, which launched recently in Boston.

The 80 picks up at Boston ave at College ave, which is a short walk from Frederick Ave. Fare is 2$, you can pay cash on board, assume the driver does not have change.

If you're comfy biking in aggressive Boston traffic, you could walk to Powderhouse Circle and rent a hubway bike, and get a workout and tour-de-Camberville in, then drop off at MoS.

MoS is open 9-5 on weekends; this weekend is 'Red Sox Weekend'; weather looks too amazing to be inside on Saturday, though. Have a great time.
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Response by poster: Wow, safr, so great. Perfect ride service for a mother and daughter power weekend. Thank you so much everyone.
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CityMapper is also good for the Boston area and you can use it to compare cost vs time with stuff like Lyft vs bus. Highly recommended.
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Response by poster: Sweet, thank you, just what I was looking for
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