Books about Wall Street during the 1930's?
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I'm looking for fiction or non-fiction books about Wall Street during the 1930's.

Anything that captures the vibe and culture of the era, specifically within Wall Street, in the period during and after the depression (in other words: not stuff about the stock market crash itself, but its aftermath). I don't know where to begin, and although googling has brought up a couple things I was hoping for some specific suggestions. Thanks!
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I haven't finished it yet, and it might be on the later end of what you are looking for (seems to take place mostly 1937-1938 so far), but Rules of Civility by Amory Towels has been a great, vivid read so far.
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I should also say that references to Wall Street are on the oblique side so far.
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Whoops, missed the edit window, damn autocorrect. Author is Amor Towles. Heh.
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There is a book originally published in 1940 called, Where are the Customer's Yachts OR A good Hard Look at Wall Street by Fred Schwed, Jr republished by Wiley Books that is about just before the crash of 29 and the aftermath. I think it captures the vibe real well of the era. It is a good book.

The Day the Bubble Burst is a social history of the Crash of '29. I really liked the book. This is an Amazon link. If you start looking for similar books that customers bought, you can go down a rabbit hole from there.

I think looking at some of the other books by Wiley Investment Press would help.

Also, books by Fraser publishing out of Brulington VT. Here is a link to Mr. Fraser's obit. It talks about the out of print books he collected about Wall Street and investing. Here is a link to a site that sort of has Fraser's catalogue, but I think it may be out of business or purchased. Chase them down. They had books about wall street in general during the post crash years.

Also, there is a small book called, The Ups and Downs of a Wall Street Trader by David Feldman that has some information along the lines of what you seem to be seeking.

On Amazon if you search for Fraser Publishing Library you will find a bunch of books.

Finally, I think if you look up Bernard Baruch, My Own Story and The Public Years, his two part autobiography broken down between his trading in the 1920s and 30s and then the War years of public service you will get a good flavor for Wall Street during that time.

I half ass collect classic Wall Street books. I think there are some good books on trading that will give you a good flavor of the time period. I still have a lot of my books in boxes from when I moved 2 years ago, but John Wiley publishing and Fraser publishing were a great source of classic wall street books. It appears as if they are both either bought out or doing way more than wall street these days.

(Btw, your join date, October 29th is the day of the great crash of 1929. )
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The Hellhound of Wall Street (nonfiction)
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