Shoulder doc in South Bay
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Have you been to an ortho for a shoulder injury in the Bay Area? Who was it and what was your experience like with them?

I broke my collarbone pretty badly about 20 years ago. It required a plate and screws to repair which I had removed after a year or so. My shoulder pain has gotten significantly worse over the last few months. It's now impossible to workout (which I used to do daily) or lift a grocery bag with that arm. I wake up in pain if I roll over to that side when I'm sleeping. So... it's probably time to get it checked out.

I'm looking for suggestions for who to go to, but suggestions for who not to go to are just as helpful. I've looked on yelp but it's hard to trust those reviews as well as and google. I've seen this but it's not shoulder-specific.

I'd prefer someone who specializes in shoulders and who won't always suggest surgery. Obviously I have no idea if non-surgical options are even viable for whatever is wrong but I've been to orthos before that only give surgery or ‘deal with it until it's bad enough you need surgery’ as options. I'd be happy if they prescribed lots of PT before invasive procedures.

I live/work in Cupertino so South Bay would be best, but I'd definitely drive for someone really good. My insurance is with United Healthcare. I moved here a year ago from the east coast and haven't seen any doctor in this area.

In case it matters, I'm female, late 30s, relatively fit and active, and I work in tech. My goal is to be able to workout, do yoga, and start rock climbing again.
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This is how I found a super competent ortho, where I was living at the time.

Call the physical therapists that rehabilitate shoulder surgeries. Be pleasant and persistent, because they really are not allowed to recommend, but this is how I have a full range of motion in a shoulder that had three rotator cuff tendons torn completely off the bone, and the bicep also torn off the head at the same time. Great rehab and a willingness to put pain aside to do so, is key. Also key is not taking a calcium supplement while injured, or during rehab for up to six months. I have no arthritis either, and minimal residual discomfort, after 5 years.

Find the best rehab places, get someone to recommend the surgeon, based on outcomes. This is for anywhere.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestion Oyéah. How did you find PTs that rehab shoulder surgeries?

Also, can you explain the calcium supplement thing more? I've had a couple of stress fractures in my foot and ankle in the last couple of years so I started taking a calcium supplement. Are you saying that's not good for recovery?
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