impossible design or what
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How to design a corporate website that has to incorporate at least 8 different looking sub-brand-logos.

I need to see that it is in fact possible to combine good design with the need to show of a lot of different logos. Anyone know of any sites that do this succesfully.
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General Motors

However, the overarching brand is really, really at the forefront here.
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Loreal is a perfect example (done in flash). All of the links to their different brands are available on the right and when you click them they load an image and logo of that specific brand.
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The first commenter mentioned GM; I'd suggest GM Canada. In Canada, GM doesn't have brand-specific websites (there's no "" for instance). This means that the one site has to cover everything GM-related.

Disclosure: I worked for the agency that produces the majority (everything except Saab and Saturn) of the GM Canada website for four years.
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I like how on the GM (US) and Warner sites, each logo is presented fairly small and in the same color. You may not have the flexibility to alter the logos at all, but if you can get clearance, perhaps do a monochrome version of each (many companies have a full-color and a b&w version of their logo). You could even have them brighten up to full color on mouseover/click or something.
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Response by poster: Thanks to all of you - I was pleasantly surprised to se that it can actually be done in a tastefull manner.
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