Is there an app for that?
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I browse the web using Chrome on my desktop and I have an I-phone. I often see articles while on my desktop that I want to discuss with someone when I see them next, which might be several weeks away. Is there an easy way to send the article to my phone and at the same time set an alarm to remind me about it at a particular time and date in the future, ideally without having to touch my phone to do it? Many thanks in advance!
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Best answer: I save articles via Google Keep (it has a Chrome extension that allows you to save any link as a "note"--it doesn't turn it into text, it's still a link, just saved in your notes). You can set reminders on notes, so as long as you know the time when you're going to see that person, you could set a reminder on that note. Download the Keep app to your phone and it'll send you the link at the specified time.
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I haven't tried this yet, but I bet if you download Workflow (an app recently acquired by Apple, now free) you can easily set it up so that when you save an article to your Reading List in Safari, it will set a reminder in Reminders for you. (Or at least open Reminders so you can set the reminder yourself.)
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Best answer: I use Google Keep for this (with the Chrome plugin).

You could also use Google Inbox (the email program). You can share from Chrome to Inbox (as opposed to sharing by email) and Inbox itself has reminders for email that also show up as Google Keep reminders.
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I use an app called Pushbullet to send things back and forth between my computer and phone. It's a plugin for Chrome then an app that lives on your phone. I don't think it has the alarm/reminder capability, but it's dead easy to share things between the paired phone and desktop.
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Google Now does location based reminders, so if you know where you'll run into the person you could get pinged by Google right when you are there.
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Well, if there is demand for an app that lets you text / SMS links to articles from your desktop, I will create it. I always see something funny / interesting at work, want to send to my friends, and inevitably email the link to myself, grab it from my mobile phone and then text it.
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Evernote allows you to add a reminder to a note.
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