Very portable Bluetooth speakers?
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Looking for recommendations for a Bluetooth speaker along the lines of this one that I can pack in my projector bag for times when no others are available. Ideally loud enough for 3-4 kids watching a movie inside to hear without complaining, and with an option to connect via USB.
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This is sort of the default for speakers these days, so there are zillions. Your example is a broken link, so hard to narrow it down... Size?
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Response by poster: Sorry - correct link. The goal is something I can fit into a digital projector bag.
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I have a JBL Flip that I think would serve your purposes (except it doesn't connect to USB).
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why not that one? seems cheap and well-rated. there are probably plenty of reasonable options

I have a BoomBox Rex that works great for me, so you could check out the Boombotix site for some hardy and good-sounding variants. they hold a charge pretty well...
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Not sure why you don't like that one but I've used the Sony SRS-HG1 which works over wifi, bluetooth, USB and line in, has a good battery and is really loud if you turn it up. Slightly bigger than the one you linked to, not sure how small you need it to be, still pretty small.
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oh, sorry -- I thought you meant charging via USB rather than input that way. that's trickier but not imposible. ima let you sort through the sizes for yourself, because I don't know much about projector bags.
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Oh maybe the Sony SRS-X11 would be better - really small. Still 10W which should be loud.
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Response by poster: why not that one? seems cheap and well-rated. there are probably plenty of reasonable options.

Looking for MeFite direct experience w/the loudness requirement noted in the post. This is in part about my sanity vs. a bunch of kids.
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I have an Anker Soundcore A302 and can testify that when cranked, it is very loud with good bass.
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We've been pretty happy with the Logitech UE series speakers. They don't make the one we have anymore, but I think the "Wonderboom" is the smallest one they make right now. They run around $100 it looks like, so considerably more than the one you linked to. Beyond good sound (and plenty of volume), they have decent batteries and are very simple to use.
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Seconding the UE-series speakers, of which I own a (discontinued) UE Mini Boom and a UE Roll. I personally would try a UE Roll for this, as it's a relatively flat, thin device with omnidirectional sound. It's a bit larger than the thing you linked to, and doesn't have a built-in USB DAC (so you can charge with USB but you can only play back over Bluetooth or standard analog line-in/headphone jack), but it's very loud for its size.
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Came to recommend the anker soundcore. Glad to see it's mentioned. It's about the size of two remotes stacked together. We love for playing music/audiobooks when working around the house. We use it constantly.
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I bought one of these a few years ago, and it has been really great, everyone else in the family constantly borrows it to listen to music or whatever via their phones. I can hear it pretty clearly from a few rooms away when it's turned up. It connects via the headphones port, and is usb chargeable.
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My UE Boom is amazingly loud, comes with a built-in bungee so it's easy to mount, and it's waterproof. I'd buy it again at twice the price.
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I have a Bose bluetooth speaker that I play music on at Girl Scout meetings, which are loud and in an enormous room. My speaker's walked off at the moment so I can't check the model, but it's a Bose and it looks like this one (Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II). Not cheap; good sound.
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I bought an Anker Soundcore Mini after reading this thread and it is certainly very loud and the sound quality is excellent. Not audiophile excellent but for a cheap and tiny speaker it's certainly worth it.
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