Digital peephole for the peephole-less
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Is there a product that will let me view who's ringing my doorbell from a screen inside the house (without opening the door), but that does not require an existing peephole nor drilling? And that just activates when a doorbell is pushed (no interest in a constant security camera, as that would be overkill)?

I'd like to have a small camera on my front door that lets me view who's ringing from the inside without opening the door, preferably on a screen included with the product. The many "digital peephole" options out there are exactly what I want, except on closer reading they always require a wire running from camera on front of door, through the door to a battery pack and/or screen on the back of the door (for example).

I don't have a peephole, and drilling one or replacing the door with a peepholed door are not options for me (I know they're easy, but our thick metal door was expensive and we want to keep it).

Is there a product I could use for this? Or better search terms? Or a hacky way to use a product intended for a peephole (e.g. if the image transmits wirelessly to a screen inside, I don't mind taping a peephole camera and its battery pack to the outside of the door).

I don't need video storage or anything fancy, just want to see who's at the door when they're at the door, without opening the door (and a peephole/drilling is not an option). Thanks!
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Best answer: We have a Ring doorbell and it does this. You can see who is at your door using an app on your phone.
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Best answer: In the Lowes and Home Depot ad circulars for this weekend were quite a few wireless video doorbells. For example
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Best answer: Yep, we also have a Ring and it works just like this, with your smartphone. (Note that there are different Ring models. Choose one that doesn't require a wired connection. It will operate via batter, though you can optionally add a solar charger.)
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Best answer: I have Ring and I love it. It has a lithium battery that I use because I did NOT have a pre-existing door bell.
When the battery is low, the door bell sends a message on my phone through the app. Then you unscew the bell from the bracket and plug it in using their USB and charger. I did have to drill into the outside of the house to install the bracket. They supplied the drill bit too. Its a heavy duty one that can go through brick aand concrete.
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