Music for a rainy day.
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What is this genre of music? Where can I find sheet music of this kind of thing?
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This reminds me of Erik Satie's stuff. You can find some at
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There's a very popular Spotify playlist called "Peaceful Piano" that has a lot of music along these lines - at least a few of the pieces on the playlist have sheet music available.

You might also like Arvo Part's slower piano works (although they often get a bit more discordant that the piece you linked to), which are widely available as sheet music. Für Alina would probably scratch the itch.

Also maybe the Chopin Prelude #7 in A Major?

I think a lot of the recorded music in this genre is improvised or semi-improvised, so it may be hard to find sheet music.
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It's somewhere between ambient and minimalist classical, but on the ambient side. Sometimes "electronica" ends up being in a very similar style as well, even if this music is solo acoustic piano. I think going any more specific into style is heading towards how a particular artist sounds and I'm not sure it's useful.

It sounds most similar, to my ears, as artists such as Ryuichi Sakomoto, Harold Budd, Wim Martens, and Brian Eno. These are classified most commonly as "ambient".

It's similar to minimalist classical. An artist like Arvo Pärt is kinda similar, but also very different. There's a kind of emotional emptiness to his music. There's tension. The sample you have is more straightforward.

I know this sounds judgemental: classical is "high art" and academic. Ambient is "low art" and popular music. Still I don't know how else to describe the difference that I'm hearing. This song is pleasant, melodic, but ultimately simple.

Also check out Rachmaninov's Rhapsody on the theme of Paganini if you haven't heard it before. It just popped into my head as an example of classical piano that's similar in mood, but melodic, emotional, and dynamic all at once.
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You might want to give Nils Frahm a listen.
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My AskMe about "somnolent, hypnotic, stark, or unsettling piano music" may have some pertinent recommendations.
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