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Jesus, I feel like I'm living in 1968. Suggestions please.

We run a gay humor website that happens to feature full frontal nudity (nothing hardcore tho, etc.)

We want to release a POD book that includes our most popular photographic content but can't find a POD company that allows for nudity.

Any suggestions?

Thanks Hive.
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A friend of mine published a photo book that included nudity through Lulu, but this was about 10 years ago so I don't know whether their standards are the same today. Their policies forbid "pornography" but don't say anything more specific.
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Let me ask a friend who might know and get back to you.
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Okay, she says if you can live with short-run digital rather than true POD, McNaughton & Gunn (which prints all of her titles) has been okay with frontal nudity in her books, although not with penetration.
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Thank you elsietheeel. I wonder what short-run digital is vs POD. Must research.
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