Bric's folding duffel: women's luggage, or OK for a guy?
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Hi! I'm in need of a multipurpose travel bag and this Bric's folding duffel (in navy) seems like the perfect match. Except... the sides aren't flat. Instead, in a purse-like fashion, the ends of the zipper form triangles which then snap to the sides. Is this, in fact, a piece of women's luggage? Would it come off in the same way as a dude carrying a purse? I know how ridiculous the notion of gendered luggage is, but hey, fashion is weird. Please advise! (Nordstrom seems to categorize it under women's luggage, but if you search for the bag and click on the Men's section, it shows up there too.)
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That is fantastically unisex luggage and I, a queer woman who avoids anything with a hint of handbag, would buy it in a heartbeat if I were looking for a stylish gender neutral duffel bag.
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Thanks! That's what I figured too, but I thought maybe those "side wings" were some sort of fashion thing that indicated a more feminine product.
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The bag doesn't read gendered at all. It reads as travel bag for person who is traveling. You're cool.
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Those wings are incredibly utilitarian, actually, and not (purely?) a style thing. They allow the bag to open up much larger than it would otherwise, and allow you easy access to the full width of the bag when loading/unloading. I have a cheapish duffel with those wings and a fancy (Filson) duffel without and I hate hate hate using the fancy bag because loading is such a pain.
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I love it. You do you. The olive and brown are nice, too.
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That's a bag, yo.
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You're good! The blue and pink camo and the rhododendron variants do look fairly feminine, but the black, ocean blue, and olive look pretty gender-neutral. If you are really that worried about appearing womanlike, then just snap the zippers to the side so it doesn't look all purse-like, and refrain from carrying the small, purse-like extra bag which comes with it.
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Great bag, looks nice and simple and utilitarian. Go for it!
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If I were forced to pick a gender for that bag, based on societal conceptions of aesthetics, I'd call it a men's bag, so there's that.

Also, men should carry purses so they don't need to ask me for Tylenol/hand lotion/floss/earplugs/etc.
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I contain multitudes, including a dudebro, and I can indeed see your point on how it could be regarded as sort of gendered. However, it seems to pair nicely will a carry-on roller so...
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It's a duffle,my dude. Just go for it.

That expandable tote shape is super useful, it's a function AND form thing. You could carry a large laptop or book in there and it will expand to fit.
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If I had to call it one way or the other it would be slightly to the feminine side. As much due to the slight shininess as the shape. As a crusty old man, I wouldn't buy one but I wouldn't hesitate to travel with one were I in need.
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Just sent the link to my husband and asked if he had to guess, if the bag was for a man or woman. He said man's bag, but could be gender neutral.
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