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I'm part of a small group of people reading Dr. King's Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community? One of the men in the group has low vision and he will need an audio file. There is none to be had.

Are we missing something? Is there a resource that we don't know about? I see that some of Dr. King's other works are available as audiobooks, but not this one. National Library for the Blind has Braille version but no tape. Any ideas? (He waved off our offer to read it aloud to him, he wants the file.)
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Is this person a member of Bookshare, a digital library for the blind and visually impaired? If not, they probably should be. It has this title, and thousands of others available for reading in a bunch of formats. See here
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Your local public library should be able to help with this request as well.
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If all else fails, I listen to books regularly using text to speech from an e-book reader. The one I use is Moon+ reader on Android. It can TTS just about any file type and the voice is really not bad at all, just a little more robotic than humans, but not unmanageably so. I 'read' books like that every day.
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Terrific! I'll check today to see if he knows about Bookshare and pass him the link. And I haven't ever heard him talk about TTS from an e-book reader, that's fascinating, I'll ask about that, too. Many thanks!
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If you have Amazon Prime, many MLK speeches can be heard for free or purchased for a $1 if you don't have Prime. I listened to that particular speech, but as I recall, it has a glitch where the whole file does not play, so check it first. Good luck!
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