Cashew Milk Conundrum
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For what reason did all the stores in my area decide to stop carrying Cashew Milk in the original variety? And is it just my area, or everywhere the product is carried?

About two years ago stores in my area (I live in Florida) started carrying Cashew Milk in addition to regular milk, Almond Milk, Rice Milk etc. Initially the stores (Wal-Mart, Publix, local health food stores) all carried Cashew Milk in the original (sweetened), unsweetened, vanilla regular and later on vanilla unsweetened. I started buying Cashew Milk, original variety as the best alternative to vanilla soy I could find. I love vanilla soy but I drink a lot of it and from what I understand too much soy is not healthy. So Cashew Original seemed like a great alternative. Over time, though, I noticed that Cashew Original started to disappear. Now all the stores carry only Unsweetened Cashew Milk or Unsweetened Vanilla Cashew. Only one still carries the original variety - the big-box store with a white terrier for a mascot, and I am not sure why given it has vanished from everywhere else. Thus I expect sooner or later they will stop carrying it as well.

What I find really amazing is that this is across the board - it applies in the freezer sections, to the packaged box varieties you can keep unrefrigerated until you open them, to any blended milks with cashew in it, even to the brand-new Cashew Yogurt they just rolled out at the health food store. It, too, is unsweetened, with no sweetened option in sight. I can live without it - I mean, there are other options, notably Hemp Milk, Oatmeal Milk, and so on, but nothing is quite like Cashew Milk Original by Silk. Everything, I mean everything else I can find, comes in the sweetened variety. Someone suggested that the retailers are doing this as the most generic solution for people who want a plain unsweetened milk alternative and they chose this product to fill that slot. I think that may be part of the reason but it still doesn't explain to me why all the other cashew products are offered unsweetened-only as well. It's not really an important question I know but I have been wondering for quite some time. Thank you.
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You didn't mention the brand, but if you know the brand name or have old packaging, did you try calling the company or emailing them directly?
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If you're talking about Silk brand original cashew milk, I used their product finder and it is available at some grocery stores in my area (Minneapolis) as well as the bullseye retailer you mentioned. So, it might just be your area. I noticed that the original has a lower rating on their website than the unsweetened variety, so maybe it's not a big seller in your area for some reason.
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When all the stores in a region go out of stock at once, it points to an issue with the distributor (likely UNFI or similar). The distributor could temporarily be out of stock, or they might just have made a big price increase on certain cashew products -- either way, that would be reflected on store shelves across your region.
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(why aren't we naming the Voldemort store?)
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The product finder on the Silk site did indeed show me where they sell this product in my area. It's more widely available than I thought, mostly but not all at bullseye retailer. I didn’t want to be flagged for promoting them or something so I didn’t mention their name... turns out I was just looking in the wrong places. I still see unsweetened cashew as far more widely available and I am still curious as to why that is... nevertheless, this resolves my question. Thanks Hive.
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