pls identity a family GPS app that works between iPhone + Android?
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Due to some irrational but very mutual worry habits, my husband and I are currently using the Life360 app to see where each other is throughout the day. However Life360 is proving to have limitations with iPhones. the android phone's location updates near-instantly, but the iPhone can take 15-60 minutes to show a new location, which as you might imagine only exacerbates the worry problem. Have any of you iPhone users found a GPS pairing app that works and updates properly, AND has an available Android version as well? Thanks!
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Instead of a separate device, could you just both use Waze and share your locations with each other?
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Google Maps just added location sharing as a feature. I haven't used it on ios though.
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We use Glympse to share location info with friends when we're meeting up in a big park, for example. I haven't used it in extended fashion, but it seems to work well between Android and iPhone.
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Google Maps is what id go with.
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