What would be a fair price range for these comic books?
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I want to sell a few silver age comic books at a store, and I'm wondering what a fair price would be?

I have about a dozen in total, but the most valuable ones seem to be:

Fantastic Four #34, #52
Silver Surfer #3, #10
Daredevil #7

I'd guess they're all in the VG to FN range.

I'm a record guy, not a comics guy. About 15 years ago I sold a bunch from the same collection (which belonged to my uncle when he was a kid) on eBay and did pretty well, but for various reasons I don't want to be bothered with trying to sell them online right now. Obviously I'm not going to get eBay prices if I sell them to a retail store, but what's fair?

For example, I looked up Fantastic Four #52 here. A VG copy is listed at $420; what should I expect the store to offer me? Half of that? A third? Less? Basically I'd just like some quick cash in my pocket but don't want to get taken, either.

I'm in Toronto, if that makes any difference.
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You have 2 choices:

1) sell on Ebay, get top dollar but in a week
2) sell at the store, get immediate cash, but less of it

It's all free money to you so don't worry so much. Choose your poison and live your life.
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