Is there an index of public Google "My Maps"?
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Is there a searchable Google Maps Gallery? I was able to find this page for exploring public "My Maps," but it doesn't have a search function. I'm sure there must be more user-created public Google maps than are accessible from that page.

Right now, I'm looking for a map that shows interesting highlights along the former Lincoln Highway (NYC > San Francisco). I'd like to find a repository of maps that I can search whenever we're going on a trip.

Also, is there any way to upload a Google Map that I created to such a repository? I made my own "My Map" for our Route 66 road trip last year, and I know it would save someone else a lot of work. It is set to public viewing. In case anyone lands here looking for such a map, here's the link. This is an example of the type of map I'd like to search for.
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It doesn't use google maps but Roadtrippers is what you're looking for.
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