Dear Susan - Under Neat That - We will Miss you
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I just got bought a book based on the "cake-wrecks" blog - it has brought me so much joy. If I like smbc/xkcd/cakewrecks - what other books would fulfill that niche (that I can just pop them open and laugh) - and that are possibly also based on an internet-project with some backstory (but that's not a necessary boundary condition).
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Craft Fail: When Homemade Goes Horribly Wrong. I almost cracked a rib laughing.
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The messages in Damn You AutoCorrect always make me laugh, even the ones I've read many times before. I've laughed at these to the point of having tears pouring down my face.
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Passive Aggressive Notes
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There, I Fixed It.
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Citation Needed
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My other half thoroughly enjoys the parenting-focused Hurrah For Gin.
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Regretsy: Where DIY Meets WTF
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Wait, what? There's no print book for Photoshop Disasters?? There should be.
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WTF, Evolution? and Adventure Cats: Living Nine Lives to the Fullest (the latter is maybe more serious/practical, but that doesn't stop it from being as amusing as hell)
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Seconding regretsy, sometimes just looking at the prices makes me cry with laughter.
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You want Tiny Art Director! It's no longer running but there was a blog and then a book.
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Awkward Family Photos, based on the blog of the same name.
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Hyperbole and a Half is a webcomic and at least one book. The writer of The Oatmeal has also published some books.
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Molly Erdman's Catalog Living
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The Book of Ratings.
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Also Terrible Estate Agent Photographs, based on the blog Terrible Real Estate Agent Photographs.
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This is kind of a deep cut, but the book that's based on the several-years-old, amazing, real-time fake twitter account of Rahm Emanuel's candidacy for Chicago mayor (worth it for Quaxelrod the duck), eventually revealed to have been written by Dan Sinker, is absolutely stupendous.
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I think Perry Bible Fellowship scractches a lof the same itches that xkcd/smbc do. There's a nicely made book of PBF strips.
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From 1997, which probably makes it one of the earliest internet-project-based books along these lines, it's Minneapolitan writer James Lileks' "Gallery of Regrettable Food," and its sequel, "Gastronomalies."

You can get a look at the original internet material here.

He has two other books, and internet sites that spawned them, along the same lines: "Interior Desecrations," and "Mommy Knows Worst."
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Reasons My Kid is Crying based on the blog of the same name.
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Came in to recommend Lileks, see it's been done so I'll just favorite the first comment.
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Animals Talking in All Caps was based on a tumblr blog.
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It's not a book but it's a tumblr so you can do the random thing. And it amn well should be a book because it's delightful. Field Guide to Dumb Birds of America. It's brilliant.
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Pinterest Fail is always good for a laugh! Also, these tend to be text more than images, but Clients from Hell and the Not Always [SOMETHING] series of websites are pretty hilarious.

Also, one of my friends started a (VERY NSFW) tumblr called Sex Toy Buzz that posts pictures of sex toys accompanied by carefully curated excerpts from the user reviews for the item. It's WONDERFUL.
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Mil Millington has a novel called Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About: A Novel. I am not sure if it's as funny as the blog of the same name was, but if it is, it will be worth it.
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The Amazing Mackerel Pudding Plan was based on the vintage Weight Watchers recipe cards on the Candyboots website and is hilarious.
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Wow, these are all wonderful, I will go through all the websites and I have some book-ordering to do!
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