Twin Peaks cocktails and nosh
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We're having a Twin Peaks party and need themed food and drinks.

We're looking for cocktails, beer, snacks, and anything else tasty as long as it references Twin Peaks or appears in the show. The party will be more booze + board games than dinner event. Help us come up with cocktail recipes and noms!

On the menu right now is:
  • Fish in the Percolator: a black Russian garnished with Swedish fish candy
  • Pie (of course)
  • Donuts
That's as far as we got, and to be honest, the Fish in the Percolator as it stands doesn't sound that appetizing. Would love to hear your suggestions!

Dietary restrictions: vegetarian.
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A log cake?

Plenty of coffee
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You'll want the Twin Peaks Food List as a jumping-off point.
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Each cocktail needs a cherry with a knotted stem as garnish.
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For cocktails, you'll want to serve some Black Yukon Sucker Punches.

Ben and Jerry's food obsessions are a great source for snack ideas - the leg of lamb with crushed garlic and mint is out, but you could do some baguettes with brie and butter, smoked cheese pigs, carrots, pecan ice cream.

And of course, anything with creamed corn.

Have fun! It's a great time to be a Twin Peaks fan!
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You've got pie, but do you have the official Twin Peaks Cherry Pie?
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Cheese log
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You could serve the Black Russians alongside White Russians and call them the Black Lodge and White Lodge, respectively.
Any red drink (anything with cherry, pomegranate or Campari, I'm partial to a negroni) can be The red room.
An Arnold Palmer, with alcohol, or just tea and lemonade, makes a good Laura Palmer. If you want to add a little blue curaçao and wrap the glasses up in plastic wrap, all the better.
If you like Brie, you can serve the all important brie butter baguette sandwich
Top deviled eggs topped with an olive or jalapeño slice and call them One Eyed Jacks. This also works with fried egg in toast.
Add a cherry pie and a damn fine cup of coffee for dessert, and you've got this!
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Thanks everyone!
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