Where to buy Feldenkrais mat?
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I would like to purchase a Feldenkrais mat either online or in NYC in the near future.

My mother is into Feldenkrais and has been taking their teacher training in NYC for the past year. At home she practices on a yoga mat which is lesss than ideal as it is sticky and not quite large enough. For Mother's Day I would really like to get her a Feldenkrais mat to practice at home. I've tried looking online but only found options in the U.K. and Australia and would've even been willing to pay international shipping but those few stores were sold out. The Feldenkrais institute in NY online store doesn't seem to offer mats, but I will try visiting them in person to double check when I have time. In the mean time, can anyone point me to a place I can buy online or in NYC?
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This physical therapy practice is owned by a guild certified Feldenkrais practitioner, he might know where to get a mat. Central Park Physical Therapy (disclaimer, I've been treated there. I don't have any business relationship with them and I don't know anything about feldenkrais.)
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In case anyone comes across this obscure question in the future, I called the Feldenkrais institute and found out the "mats" are just moving blankets which can be purchased on Amazon, at Home Depot or a number of other places.
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