DIY version of this simple air plant holder?
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I like this modern air plant holder, but don't want to buy it. Is there an existing piece of hardware I could repurpose to mimic it? Tillandz air plant holder by The Sill

I like the simple and modern style, but don't want to spend $20 each. Is there something out there like a cable holder or bracket that would achieve a similar function/look?

More pictures:
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Maybe one of those little three-legged tables they put inside pizza boxes?
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I thought pizza table too. Paint it silver (or purple!) and do your thing.
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I'd do it like this:

1) Follow these instructions to flatten a drinks can into a sheet of aluminium.

2) Cut out the three-pronged shape WITH the base, all in one piece. I don't know what the hole in the middle of the base is for, maybe draining water when you water the plant? If so then that can probably be accomplished with a single-hole puncher.

3) Score the bottom of each prong so that they fold inward neatly.

4) Cut two small slits, or punch one small hole, at the tip of each prong so you can thread fishing line/beading line (transparent nylon) through. Alternatively, very thin fine wire that is not immediately visible, perhaps glued to the tips of the prongs.

5) Pull the fishing line/wire so that the prongs almost meet in the middle, but leave a wide enough gap for the air plant to sit securely. Tie off line/wire.

6) Weigh the stand down with a large nut (of the nuts and bolts variety), or else glue to any rigid base.

If the gaudy aesthetics of the soda can offends you, you could rough it up a bit with sandpaper and then paint the whole thing with any acrylic paint.

That's if the aesthetics of the stand is that important to you. If not, then pizza box table as mentioned above will do.
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Echoing Satoshi: those are just a flat piece of metal with three bends, and I'm confident that you could get even more creative making one of your own using little more than pliers if you find the right piece of flat metal. Craft project!
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Upon closer inspection, the hole in the base is to allow for the stand to be secured to the wall. So the hole is optional. You could probably use those 3M Command strips if you don't want to damage your wall.

If you do decide to attach it to the wall though, then you might want to tweak your fishing line/wire such that it's holding the plant more securely. Probably you'd want to tie it to the stand, even.
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You can get sheets of metal at your local and big-box hardware stores (something like 12 inches by 12 inches?). Get some tin snips or saw out the parts you don't want, and bend into shape with pliers. You'd probably want to file or grind the edges you cut so that they aren't deadly.
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Aluminum flashing is available pre-painted in white and brown and is easy to cut and bend. Available in assorted sheet sizes and 50' rolls of various widths.
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I spend a while browsing random hardware sections on the Home Depot website to no avail. Then I figured there was probably a stand like this marketed as something else, (plants are very In right now so anything plant related is way overpriced), so I figured some office supply thing like this would be way cheaper. Naturally I hit up Target, they're my go-to for pretty fashionable but still cheap things. Didn't find anything close, but I did find this pencil cup holder by Nate Burkus, which I like and maybe you would like to (obviously painted in your great candy colors.)
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