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I'm looking for a running app for Android that does not require a monthly/yearly subscription for advanced features.

I'm training for an ultramarathon in September, and want to keep track of a few stats.

1. Track routes (with distance, pace, etc., maps) - I'm not looking to find routes, just to track the ones I'm already running.
2. Training intervals - I'd like to set it so it will audibly tell me to run for 10 minutes, then to walk for a minute, then run.
3. Track body stats like weight
4. The ability to track other cross-training exercises would be great too.
5. Audio cues - telling me when I've run a specific interval, along with my time, split pace, etc.

Those are the big features - but anything else you think might be useful is great. MapMyRun, Runkeeper, and Runtastic offer these things, but they both require a subscription fee for the more advanced features. Are there any apps out there that don't require a subscription? I'm happy to pay a one-time fee, and I'd even be okay with a subscription to MapMyRun or Runkeeper or Runtastic (preferences?) if nothing else compares.

Ideally this is one app, but maybe there's a reason for more than one?
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Runner's IT is a free(or maybe a dollar?) app that simply does interval times. I've liked it's simplicity which also makes it work concurrently with other apps (likeMap My Run)
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I used Endomondo for a while, it has pretty much all of the features you mention. I only stopped since the Garmin app is enough for my needs these days. There's a pro tier but the free version contains almost everything except the interval training. They used to have a flat fee but it's now sub based.
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As far as I can tell, the free version of Runkeeper does all those things; I'm looking at it right now. What do you think is missing exactly?

Note: If you're doing an ultra, you might be concerned about battery life. The current version of Runkeeper requires that you not have your phone on any kind of "battery saving mode" when you start an activity, even if that mode isn't set to affect your location tracking (or even if you're doing a "stopwatch" activity that doesn't need location at all). I've found that disabling battery saving mode, starting the activity, then re-enabling works just fine.
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