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Another shoe recommendation question. Difficultly level: Canada. Looking for slip on shoes that look classy with dresses or skirts and can keep me walking all day on upcoming vacation. I have a fairly heavy heel strike and need some cushioning. Also looking for recs for men. Love to be able to try them on in person.

I have dermatographia which acts up with repeated pressure like walking. So something with cushion is necessary to keep my feel from swelling half way through the day. We're going to Japan something easy on and off would be useful. I like menswear inspired looks. Usually I get cheap, but I'm looking for a bit more quality this time ~$150. Bonus if it's sturdy enough that I can repair the heels when I inevitably walk them to nubs.

Boyfriend likes Merrells, but is wondering if Doc Martins would be a worthwhile switch for something that looks a little less like a hiking boot. From previous threads I understand the quality has gone down. Again, preference to slip-ons.
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I'm not sure if you would call them classy exactly, but Skechers YOU comes in a slip on that works with dresses/skirts, and you should be able to find places to try them on in Canada.
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I enjoyed the Bernie Mev slip-ons that I bought in Quebec . They are essentially woven elastic that look gorgeous, memory foam insole, lightweight and easily washable. I love them!
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I can't believe no one has recommended Sanita or Dansko clogs. They are the go-to footwear for medical professionals who are on their feet all day. They look fine with anything but a very dressy outfit, and they're excellent walking shoes unless you're talking about hiking uneven surfaces.
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Merrells are awesome. They have some moc (moccasin) styles that are Euro-casual-sports-shoes inspired that performs well on sidewalks or trails but can still look good with semi-casual dress.
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