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I broke my foot in January and it's still swollen. I only own a bunch of boots, and the only boot that fits over my swollen foot is a western boot that's a size too big. The heel is pretty high and that angle is bad for my foot. I've tried on a few shoes and haven't found anything that fit, even going a size up, so I thought I'd ask for recommendations for a shoes that come in a wide size. Details inside.

I'm looking for a wide sneaker, tennis shoe, loafer, boat shoe, whatever that can accomodate my swollen foot and not feel crazy huge on the left.

I have weird clothing hangups and haven't worn sneakers or what I think of as "short shoes" for about a decade, but none of my boots fit my foot and the ones that do are the male equivalent of high heels. So I really have no idea about buying these types of footwear.

The only requirement is that the shoe is big enough to contain my foot (currently in a size too big 14), although I'd prefer a synthetic/vegan shoe and something that isn't too colorful.
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Skechers. Especially Skechers "relaxed fit". For comfort they're the best.

Here's the page limited to ones available in size 14. A few of the ones in there are leather but most are various synthetics, and they come in some neutral colors. Laces might give you a little more flexibility in tightening the one on the non-swollen foot, but the non-laced ones are mostly elastic and might work too.

They're not the most stylish things in the world, but sometimes that happens when you're injured. And they're not terrible, either. If you have a Skechers store near you I recommend going in and trying some on in person, and if not then at least look on Amazon or Zappos where you can get free shipping/free returns.
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I have very wide feet, big-ass bunions, frequently have gout attacks and only do non-leather. New Balance is the only brand that has been able to satisfy my feet on all fronts.

I'd give you some specific model #s, but they tend to switch their lineup fairly often. But they go up to 4E in width; you need need to make sure that the material list shows all synthetic upper and sole.
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Crocs are perfect for this. Their clogs come in large sizes and neutral colors. They work well for the two different sized feet problem (I also broke my foot earlier this year).

Try these, for example.
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I have super wide feet (4E) that are swollen from chemotherapy. I live in Birkenstocks. There are vegan versions.
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Astral Footwear hits every single one of your requirements. I highly recommend going into a well-equipped outfitter (think kayak store, not shoe store) and trying them on. Each model fits a bit differently by design. There is one that fits your feet.
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I am surprised to hear Skechers. I've never had them fit MY wide feet, but maybe the difference is women's vs. men's sizes.
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Should have said, closed toed only, required by work.
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I'm a woman with wide feet and bunions, and have made out fairly well with Skechers, but only the relaxed fit ones really work for me.
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Please don't buy Sketchers. I'm a medical shoe fitter and seriously they're terrible. I'd recommend going to a specialty shoe store or a New Balance because they will fit you properly and know how to make adjustments for the other foot. PM me if you want specific recommendations.
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Easy Spirit. Admittedly a lot of their shoes can be described as granny-styles, but they're extremely comfortable, well-padded and with good arch support, and I'd rather wear ugly comfortable shoes than pretty painful ones.
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If you want to get 2 different sized shoes to accommodate this swollen period, Nordstrom has something called the Intentional Mismates program where they'll sell you two different sized shoes for no extra charge.
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Try "sole rebels"
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