Cheaper DCA parking options?
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I'm flying out of DCA on an upcoming Friday evening, returning on the following Monday evening, and looking for cheaper parking options. (It's a stretch to call the $17 you pay at the airport "economy" parking.) I'd rather not involve Metro if possible, and this is a non-holiday weekend. I've seen sites that sell discounted access to a nearby parking garages, like this one. Is this reliable, in your experience? Do you have another suggestion for me?
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Best answer: I've used those sites (specifically Parking Panda) several times at DCA without any problems. It's always a little weird to pay $8 a night to park in a hotel garage where the guests are paying $30 a night for the spot next to my car.
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Best answer: I had a positive experience reserving a hotel parking spot with Spot Hero. (I went with the Rennaisance because they had the earliest shuttle, and Spot Hero because I found a coupon code.)
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I haven't done it near DCA, but I've used Parking Panda to park cheaper overnight in hotel parking garages in Philadelphia, Princeton, and DC proper quite a few times over the last year, despite not staying at the hotels. It's really handy, and I've not had a problem so far.
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I used Parking Panda once (in DC, but not at the airport). The lot they sold me access to turned out to be the main lot of the Howard University hospital, with a prominent sign reserving the lot for patients. When I contacted them about a refund, they snippily told me, without justification, that they definitely sold me a real, usable space and I should go away.

Your experience would probably be different, but I will not try Parking Panda in particular a second time.
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Best answer: A few months ago I used and found a good rate at the Hyatt in Crystal City. They have a free shuttle to/from DCA. If you call the main hotel phone (nobody picked up at the number I had for the parking valet) once you get in the shuttle on your way back, they can pull your car out for you.

FWIW, SpotHero acquired Parking Panda last week according to an email they sent me.
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Response by poster: Thanks folks! I marked answers that specifically addressed DCA as best, but all were helpful.
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