Experiences of recovery from osteitis pubis?
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Dear hivemind, I was wondering if anyone has stories to share of recovery from osteitis pubis - and bonus points for any stories of recovering from long-term injury and returning to previous activity that you may have had to give up as a result of said injury.

I was diagnosed with osteitis pubis (pubic bone inflammation) in November last year, up until September I was a "hardcore" ultrarunner and quite proud of it. I have been in some level of pain over last year, it took a really long while to get to my current diagnosis and it is taking quite a long while to recovery as well. It seems to be quite a misunderstood condition and it's hard to find reliable information so I was wondering if others had experiences of recovery to share?

Also, I am really struggling with being in pain pretty much all of the time and not knowing if/when I will be able to return to running so any stories you may have would also be appreciated.
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i have never had it, and this is not exactly your question, but i treat people with it who recover quickly. you might want someone (qualified) to see if your pubic bones are sitting exactly level on their cartilege, and also examine what other structures (organs, fascia, muscles) are under extra tension and pulling on your pubic bone. i am a Canadian trained osteopath, so you might look for one of them. If you're in the USA, you could try and look for a "manual therapist" but it is a bit hit or miss since that's not a standardized training. I'd be happy to help you search for someone if you are interested in messaging me your location. Good luck!
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