Outside of shearling slippers rough after washing
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I handwashed these slippers using Woolite. Now that they've dried, the suede outer surface is not as soft as it used to be -- it feels a bit rough the way dry/chapped skin does. Is this normal, did I make a mistake, and can I treat them with something or do anything to get them back to their original feel?
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First, I would want to be sure that you rinsed the slippers really, really well. If you're sure of that, I'd be inclined to beat them around a little bit, maybe even throw them in the dryer if it has a tumble/no heat setting.
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I would give them a good brushing with a soft bristle brush. See if that helps.
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Treat them with leather conditioner (just be warned, it will darken them).
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Don't treat suede with leather conditioner. Get a suede brush and brush them and they'll be as good as they're going to get. They won't ever be exactly the same as they were before you washed them but they'll soften up with time and a brushing.
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Don't treat suede with leather conditioner.

Yeah, I agree generally, but I also agree with "don't wash shearling with detergent." Brushing it won't restore moisture that was stripped in the washing.
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I'd also recommend trying a suede brush. You could also contact LL Bean.
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Yep, just brush them with a suede brush, and wear them. They will soften up. I would not put leather conditioner on shearling slippers because it can make the wooley inside sticky or greasy. If you think they need some extra conditioning rub your feet with a small amount of lanolin-based balm like Bag Balm and then wear your slippers.
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