Easiest/cheapest way to move furniture in Toronto (no driver's license)?
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As someone with (a) no driver's license, (b) on a budget, and (c) who wants to buy furniture off of Craigslist, I have very limited options in terms of moving the stuff back to my place. Any ideas?

Buying tables and couches from furniture shops is probably the better option since they come with a warranty and they have no previous owners which plays into my peace of mind--but buying off of Kijiji and Craigslist has been positive so far. As such I am determined to buy some nice pieces from a variety of locations in Toronto (all of which are in the mid-town and down-town areas), but I can't really find a safe, and more importantly, cost-effective option to move them to my place. Renting a U-Haul truck is out of the question given my no-license situation, and I have no friends who are free during the times I intend to move them (I'm taking some days off of work to sort things out). I read about an app that's like Uber for moving (Zootly), but they are pretty much under development as it displays a message about having to wait for an administrator to process my request whenever I ask for a quote. Lugging furniture in the TTC isn't an attractive option either, and I am really down for some ideas. Thanks!
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I know the answer to this! Call around to the bike-related organizations 'til you find someone with a utility trailer (fancy example, lots are homebuilt). Borrow it. Boom! As long as you are able to ride a bike, this is solved!

How far are you from Bike Pirates? Bike collectives usually know someone who knows someone.

I show up all over town in response to "you must have a truck" Craigslist ads. I show up with a bike trailer. I haul the thing. It's always no big deal.
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Have you tried asking the Kijiji and Craigslist sellers if they are willing to move the item for a few extra dollars? I've had good luck in the past with offering an additional $10 (or maybe $20 for a larger, more expensive or challening to move piece of furniture) in return for delivery. Obviously this doesn't work when the seller also doesn't drive, though.
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There are about a zillion guys with vans/trucks who advertise on Craigslist and Kijiji that they provide this kind of short notice furniture moving service. Search in services under moving / hauling for this type of business.

You can also try CargoTaxi and CargoCabbie.
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