Best route from Phoenix, AZ to Richland, WA through Nevada?
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My family and I will be driving back to Richland, WA from Phoenix, AZ next week and we are thinking to drive through Nevada. While we don't want to add too much time to our trip, we'd be happy to take a few detours to see some sights along the way. Any thoughts on what the best/most scenic route to take is? Thanks!
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I don't have route suggestions but if Bryce Canyon isn't too far off your path it is magnificently beautiful.
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Here's Google Maps routing. The shortest route at 1216 miles is through Vegas, up the east side of Nevada, and then into Idaho. But it also suggests a much more interesting looking route through Utah up Highway 89, through Salt Lake City. It's 1295 miles, maybe an extra hour of driving, but southern Utah is one of the most beautiful places in the United States and full of awesome natural scenery. That's the detour I'd take.

I've driven most of that rode in Nevada (highway 93) and it is very boring with nearly nothing along the road north of Vegas. You may find this previous question useful, but not the absence of thrilling suggestions.
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Thanks for the suggestions—I guess there's no great options...
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