How to wish Finns a happy centenary?
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What's Finnish for 'Happy 100th Birthday Finland!', and is it appropriate?

A friend wants to print this on a t-shirt to wear on a trip.
Also, is 'birthday' the right word, as it's technically the centenary of independence.
If not, what would work better?
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Well, the last of the Finnish speakers in my family has passed away but you might drop a line to these people Or one of the other Finnish-American societies around the US.
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My Finnish is rusty, but qurlyjoe's first option is "100th birthday, Finland." Option two is "100 years, Finland." I'm not sure which would sound more correct in context because the first version is more literally about the day of birth, rather than the anniversary year. Happy might be translated as "hyvää" or "hauskaa" depending.

So, maybe not much help, but it's been three years since I even thought about Finnish. Apologies to Finns if I'm butchering your awesome language!
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Best answer: I'm Finnish. I would probably use: "Hyvää satavuotisjuhlaa, Suomi", which basically means "Happy centenary, Finland".
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Response by poster: Thanks baueri!
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