I've got a fever and the only prescription is more jazz flute!
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Over the past several months I've discovered that I apparently like jazz flute. I've found new music that happens to feature it, and a couple artists I already like have featured it in recent albums. Now I want to find more.

I've seen this question, but it's a few years old and I'm hoping there are some newer releases that are more along the lines of some examples below. Each time I first heard the songs below I was totally not expecting it and found it to be a delightful surprise. So I'm really looking for artists where it isn't the primary driving force behind the music, but is a complement to other instruments. My tastes are eclectic but I'm primarily looking for stuff in the pop/soul/jazz genres.

The songs that inspired this question (all YouTube links):
Kishi Bashi - Say Yeah
Tank and The Bangas - Boxes and Squares, Rollercoasters
Michael Kiwanuka - Tell Me A Tale
Sinkane - The Way
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The flutist for Tank and the Bangas has his own solo stuff, including flute and other wind instruments.
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Don't forget Herbie Mann and his iconic album, Push Push. Began in 1957 and kept rolling. You can listen to the whole album on YouTube. If you can get the original album with the insane cover then do so.
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I'm not really familiar with Jethro Tull, but apparently they do a jazz flute version of the Bourree from the Lute Suite No. 1 by J.S. Bach. See here and here.

And no, I don't know why the guy (Ian Anderson?) stands on one leg half the time.
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I think Jean Luc Ponty (a violinist) recorded some jazz stuff with flute. Googling showed tracks with flute on the albums "Portrait" and "Jazz Long Playing".

And my google search also turned up the group, "Project Trio".
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Judging by the provided clips it looks like you are very much not looking for 'straight-ahead' or traditional jazz.

As such I would highly recommend Hubert Laws. He is still around and has been kind of the king of jazz/pop flute for many years. I might particularly recommend his wild flower album, like his version of Equinox.

There's an old big band album that has a nice flute solo in it, Threshold from Patrick Williams.

A great newer band that is very jazz influenced, Snarky Puppy, occasionally makes use of flute, like in this track.

The MK Groove Orchestra uses flute in a pretty fantastic way (the flute player is excellent).

I hope something in there piques your interest!
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Joe Thomas is all you need
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Rahsaan Roland Kirk played jazz flute (Ian Anderson supposedly bit his sing/blow technique), among his other instruments, and YouTube has plenty of clips.
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They skew more funk, but Breakestra often features jazzy/funky flute. They're on indefinite hiatus but their back catalog continues to give, if you don't already know it.
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