Great Haircut for a Long-Haired Woman in Chicago, Round 2
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Five years ago I asked for haircut recommendations, and now the stylist I went to has moved on and I am asking again.

I live on the south side of Chicago. I'd like to get a nice layered cut, nothing too severe, nothing too boring, for my long, slightly wavy hair. I would describe my style as "relaxed bohemian."

Advanced bonus points: I would love it if I didn't have to drive to Lakeview, Logan Square, or other points north. I'd prefer a place ideally on the south side or near north/west.

Price is not that important because I don't manage to get it cut very often. I just want it to look good.
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South Loop has so many hair salons that it has become a local in-joke. I can't recommend any as I haven't tried them, but I can attest to the sheer quantity of them existing here, all around Roosevelt & State area. This place:

is across the street from me and looks really well kept and legit.
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If you are looking for local suggestions I've found Facebook groups of the neighborhood, and/or nextdoor to be good places to ask. I found my stylist via Yelp recommendations, but I'm much further north.
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